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This site aims to provide a comprehensive listing of events that are happening locally.

If you tell us about an event we will add it to our calendar free of charge. Just e-mail us with details.

It is helpful if we receive at least 150 words on your event in a format that is ready for re-publication without significant editing.

There is space for 6 events on our front page and in the weekly newsletter which currently goes to over 8900 people. Listing on the newsletter and the front page is determined with the following priority

  1. Paying customers - inclusion in the newsletter and on the front page for at least 5 days prior to your event starts at £140 plus VAT. Banner advertising starts at £100 plus VAT.
  2. Non-profit community groups - if you are not paying any other local media for promotion then we will give a prominent listing to your event for free
  3. Other events - even if your event is of a commercial nature we may cover it if space is available as long as you are not paying for promotion elsewhere
  4. If you are paying for promotion in other local media but not with us then your event will have the lowest priority and is unlikely to appear in the newsletter or on the front page

We aim to provide a comprehensive listing of all local events on this site, so a basic event listing is always free. Just e-mail us with details and the event will be included in our calendar and, space allowing, will get a brief mention in the newsletter.

All rates quoted are valid to 31st December 2007

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