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Clive Soley's web log has been shortlisted for the New Statesman New Media Awards 2004. Since 1999, these awards have promoted projects that embrace new technology, fresh thinking and creative management in the UK.

The site has been nominated twice before but this is the first time it has reached the final stages. A very big thank you to all the people who nominated the site this year and in previous years.

A spokesperson for the Neighbour Net group said, "There are lots of fabulously designed web sites out there, but is unique in the level of grass roots community participation it achieves making it what we believe to be Europe's most active site of its kind. If we win the award it will clearly be because residents, community groups, local businesses and many public sector agencies and elected representatives have chosen to embrace the concept."

With over 5,000 registered members recently saw 3,000 people visit the site in a single day for the first time.

Also nominated, in the Elected Representative category, was local MP Clive Soley, for his web log.

The key themes of this year’s awards are "innovation and efficiency". They intend to award those who have really achieved something good for society. “We hear a great deal about how the internet and such like will improve our lives,” says Peter Wilby, editor of the New Statesman. “This project aims to look at how far the digital revolution has really brought us.”

This is the sixth year that the New Statesman has conducted the New Media Awards. Atos Origin is a major provider of IT and business services to the UK Government. Anyone with an eligible example of ICT in public life was welcome to nominate it for review.

The highest achieving nominations will be awarded a prize at an awards ceremony in Central London in July.

June 10, 2004