Grand Opening of Adrenalin Rush Laser Combat

At new Dukes Meadows home on Saturday 29th January 10.00- 4.00pm.

Adrenalin Rush Laser Combat Saturday 29th January 10.00- 4.00pm at King’s House School Sports Ground (formerly Civil Service Sports Ground) Dukes Meadow, Riverside Drive, W4 2SH

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Laser Combat is an innovative outdoor team focused sport much like paintball but without the bruises, mess or expense. This is not laserquest or quaser. There are no fog machines, flashing lights, high energy music or plastic sci fi guns. This is full on, adrenalin-pumping, healthy fun for everyone.

Our gaming guns operate with totally safe infrared beams (the same as a TV remote control) and have a range exceeding 100 metres. There’s no need for heavy protective gear to be worn as sensors are attached to your hat.

Playing Adrenalin Rush Laser Combat is like stepping into a LIVE videogame such as Counter-Strike, Halo or Call Of Duty, with a strong emphasis on small unit tactics and leadership. Perfect for special occasions or as a regular activity to help you keep fit, it is suitable for anyone from 7 to 100.

Since the company was formed a year ago, Adrenalin Rush Laser Combat has been mobile and we have brought the fun to many events throughout London and the South East. Now, we have a home! We are based at King’s House School Sports Ground (formerly Civil Service Sports Ground) Dukes Meadow, Riverside Drive, W4 2SH.

We will be having a grand Opening Day for the site on Saturday 29th January from 10-4. Please come in to see what all the fuss is about! This is a free event, but we are kindly asking that you make a small donation to Rwanda Aid, a charity supported by King’s House School, which in turn supports a primary school in Rwanda called King’s House!

The fixed site means that we can operate 7 days a week (in most weather conditions, so don’t be put off by the winter!) and we can provide a more exciting playing area and more games. We can also provide hot and cold party food and a room to eat it in. Although we now have a home, we will still provide the mobile service, so we can bring the fun to your fete, fayre, community event etc. Please get in touch for more information.

We look forward to welcoming you to our new home on 29th.


January 21, 2011