The Children's Wellness Centre Opens In Chiswick

Qualified therapists, teachers and doctors on hand to offer 'all parenting needs under one roof'


• The Children's Wellness Centre opens in central Chiswick

• Qualified children's therapists, teachers and doctors on hand to offer “all parenting needs under one roof”

• In-house therapist awarded Best Children's Mental Health Therapist 2018

• ‘Child-focused' centre aims to tackle mental health and improve wellbeing among kids

Tuesday 28th August 2018: The UK's first independent centre dedicated to child wellness has opened its door – as it aims to combat mental health issues among young people.

Child therapists, personal trainers, doctors, yoga instructors and teachers have taken up residency at the West London Children's Wellness Centre in a bid to improve both physical and mental wellbeing among kids.

The centre – based in the heart of Chiswick, West London – is offering a one-stop shop of child-focused activities for children aged 0 to 18, alongside parent support services.

The jam-packed activity timetable for kids includes a choice of over 30 classes a week and has everything from Baby French to Teen Fitness; Mini Chefs, to Kids' First Aid Workshops, Baby Messy Play to Yoga

The Children's Wellness Centre also offers workshops and classes for parents such as, Managing Stress and Anxiety in Children, Supportive Parenting Programmes, Infant Care Workshops, Paediatric First Aid Training and Prenatal and Parent & Baby Yoga, as well as Teacher/Nanny training.

It also acts as both a babysitting and nanny agency with its extensive network of trusted childcare workers.

Tammy Fioravanti - named the UK's Best Children's Mental Health Therapist 2018 - founded the Children's Wellness Centre in a bid to offer busy parents a helping hand while simultaneously improving child wellbeing through a wealth of different in-house services. Tammy provides child and adolescent counselling sessions every day at the Centre, but explains she wanted to recruit other professionals to provide further services, focusing on all aspects of child development and wellbeing.

Tammy revealed: “We are delighted to open the doors to the Children's Wellness Centre – it has all parenting needs under one roof."

“Our highly-qualified team have first-hand experience of seeing how a varied diet of both physical and mental activity can help promote child wellbeing."

“Through fun activities, engaging workshops and a myriad of other services – our child-focused centre helps kids build their confidence and self-esteem in a non-daunting environment. We offer a range of give-it-a go activities, allowing children opportunities to build new skills and try something different, hugely important in a generation where kids are often on screens."

“Evidence has also shown that by promoting positive mental health in children from a young age, they have a better chance of having positive school outcomes including attitudes to learning, better attendance and lower exclusion rates. Many of our activities are baby and parent classes, focusing on building positive attachments from a young age. Mental health is often thought about for older children, however infant mental health and building strong bonds and trusting relationships as a baby, is vital too."

The Children's Wellness Centre opens its doors in the wake of growing numbers of mental health issues among young people.

Statistics (1) revealed that 75% of mental illnesses have roots in childhood while one in 10 children have a diagnosable mental health problem.

Tammy and her team hope that their wide array of classes and in-house services can help families achieve wellbeing, whilst having fun too.

The full range of classes include: Baby and Pre-school French, Kids First Aid, Lego Workshops, Mandarin, Messy Play, Mini Chefs, Baby Massage, Kids Art, Music Groups, Hip-Hop, Tap, Baby Dance with Me, Junior Drama, Baby Ballet, Mini Minds, Creative Coding, Babblebugs Speech Development Classes, Mini Yogis, Mum and Baby Yoga, Kids/Teen Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Robotics, Teen First Aid Qualifications, Teen Fitness – with more classes constantly being added, as well as baby and child sleep therapy support services and after school tutoring coming soon.


September 7, 2018

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