Chiswick Auctions: The Famous Auction On Your Doorstep

Chiswick Auctions has been the home of many TV shows

1 Colville Road, (off Bollo Lane)
London W3 8BL
Telephone: 020 8992 4442 (3 lines)

Many people have never visited an auction, well they make it as easy as possible, you get a very friendly welcome from the moment you unpack your treasures, to the time when you receive your money, their very experienced staff can help you every step of the way.


They offer free valuations and advice to everyone; the valuers can visit your home, assess the value of items and then arrange for a collection team to come at a convenient time to take the items away.

They provide a detailed receipt for items that may appear the next week in the Tuesday auction.

They auction over 25,000 items each year ranging from jewellery & watches, home furnishings to antiques of all kinds styles and eras. The range of items that they handle is staggering

All goods are checked to see that they are fit for the purposes i.e. are they sturdy and robust. Condition reports can be given upon request.

Many estate agents recommend Chiswick Auctions to their clients as they can auction their unwanted household items when they leave a property and also they can buy `new` items for their new property.


Every auction is available online, the catalogue is put together from Wednesday onwards and is completed Sunday morning.

Items can be viewed for 2 days before the auction from 12-6 Sundays, 10-6 Mondays and the morning of the auction day Tuesday 10-12. Experienced staff are at hand on viewing days to assist wherever necessary.


Each item is carefully described and has an estimated value along with a photograph.

To be able to buy customers must first register, (whether online or in person) and then they are allocated a buyer number, these are needed to register who has bought an item and will be needed when payment is made before collecting the items that you have purchased.

After registration, bids can be left by completing a commission bid form, stating the maximum amount you wish to pay (excluding the buyers’ commission) the auctioneer will see the maximum amount you wish to bid and only go up to that maximum if other bids are made, or you can enjoy the experience of bidding live in person at the sale, or online via

Please remember that bidding is a contract to buy.


Items can be collected immediately after you have settled the payment. Packing, shipping or delivery services can be arranged.


Recently 20 th century style has become more popular with a growing interest in 1950`s -1970`s iconic design. The joy of antique furniture is that it was made to last, it has already been used for over 50 years and will certainly outlive us.


Auctions often include contemporary household items such as dining tables, wardrobes, chests, settees and chairs etc. which cost a fraction of the retail price as they may not fit in someone’s new home. You can be notified in advance if you specify categories that are of interest to you when registering.


You can safely view, listen and bid on every weekly auction online via the online auction host . Full details are available on the comprehensive website


There is nothing quite like the buzz of a live auction, with many people involved in bidding and the auctioneers make it a fast moving adventure.

Often they make humorous comments and the excitement gathers momentum when an unexpected lot goes way beyond the estimate.

Sometimes a dealer has spotted something `a Sleeper` that may have been overlooked or 2 bidders desperately want to secure a particular treasure.

Auctions start at 12 noon on Tuesdays and generally run through an amazing 120+ lots per hour, sometimes up to 3 per minute. Attention is required as you may have waited quite some time for your lot to come up.

Monitors (behind the auctioneer and in reception) along with the speaker system show the current lot with a picture and the printed catalogues detail everything you need to know.


There are speciality auctions each quarter focussing on particular themes including JEWELLERY, BOOKS & MANUSCRIPTS, TOYS & DOLLS, along with Furniture and general antiques.

Chiswick Auctions is a fascinating place, full of surprises and bargains and as their company line goes: YOU NEVER KNOW.. in other words you could be sitting on a fortune..

because you never know..


October 24, 2013