Ladies Free 7 Day Fitness Camp Taster Week

Get fit, tone up, burn fat and lose weight FAST this summer! Starts Mon 13 th April. Only 10 places!


Then join us   W/C Monday 13th April, Turnham Green church for a  FREE 7 day fitness camp taster week!

Hello Ladies of Chiswick!

It’s Daniel James here from Chiswick Heath and Fitness (the outdoor group fitness camp on Turnham Green, Chiswick High Road) and on Monday 13th April I am putting on a FREE 7-day fitness camp taster week to kick-start the summer shape up season.

If you want to get fit, burn fat, tone up and lose some weight so you look and feel great this summer but HATE doing it at the boring gym or going at it alone then this is DEFINITELY for you!

Taster week is your chance to come on down and try out a whole week of the best outdoor total body fat burning, toning and fitness exercise classes Chiswick has to offer with other locals.

Not only will you get to try out a whole week of exercise but I will also be proving a FREE 7 day quick fat loss food plan for you to follow so you start getting results with your body immediately. This will include a recipe book to give you ideas for the week as well as advice on how best to stick to the plan.

Expect to start dropping fat, toning and losing weight from day 1!

As support is so important to your success, I will also be sending you daily emails to keep you on track, motivated and teach you the “7 fundamentals to burning fat, toning up and losing weight easily” so you know the little secrets to continue transforming your body.

You will learn the best type of workouts for fat loss, what to eat to lose pounds and inches effortlessly, best exercises for specific body toning and many of my other metabolism boosting tips to get you the body you want this summer.

Some taster week members lose up to 7lbs in one week which isn’t bad considering it is completely FREE!

At the end of the week those who want to can find out about the full fitness camp and the 28-day body transformation plan that follows the week after. This plan has my member’s routinely dropping 6 – 12lbs in 28 days, 1 – 2 clothes sizes and considerably changes in muscle tone, body shape and fat loss.

Take a look for yourself at previous members success…

This could certainly be you if you want to continue after taster week. Remember though taster week is FREE and just a trail for you to come down, have some fun and find out more. There will never be a hard sell.

Interested in coming along? Want some help and support getting in the best shape yet this summer?

If so, all you have to do is register at the link below and come to taster week starting Monday 13th April on Turnham Green, Chiswick High Road.

Times are Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday & Friday at 6.15am, 9.30am and 7pm. You get to choose 3 slots at times that suit you.

Sessions are 1 hour long and as sessions are done to time intervals are for all fitness levels. Beginners, getting back inners and people not currently getting results with their current exercise routine all have great workouts as you push as hard as you like.

All sessions are done to music and we use many different types of equipment to work the whole body and get the best results possible.

Get your place now by going to and simply entering your name and email.

(There are ONLY 10 PLACES! Get your now before they all go!)

Screenshot 2015-03-30 10.10.19.png
All of the above is worth at least £70 and you will be getting all this FREE by coming along to taster week.

It’s a no brainer!

If you would like a place to come on down and try out the exercise sessions, get all the goodies above and find out about the full fitness camp starting the week after please go now to and enter your name and email right away.

As soon as you do I will send you full details and secure your place.

I look forward to seeing you very soon and helping you look amazing this summer!



April 1, 2015