Ladies! New Fitness Camp Taster Week Starts Monday 25th June (Plus May/June Results!)
Lose weight, tone up and get healthier with a fitness routine you enjoy!


New fitness camp taster week starting Monday 25 th June to help you get kick started back into an exercise regime you enjoy and stick to, so you lose weight, tone up and get healthier and re-energised this summer!

*Plus members results from May / June camp


It's Dan here from Chiswick Health and Wellbeing.

Hope you have had a good summer so far. To be fair the UK weather has been pretty good. The fitness camp members have certainly had their fair share of healthy vitamin D at the outdoor fitness sessions whilst shaping up and getting fitter!

Anyway this is just a quick message to let you know that the next FREE fitness camp taster week is starting Monday 25th June.

This is for ladies in Chiswick who want to start a regular exercise regime they actually enjoy and stick to (that is outdoors and not in the gym), so they lose weight, tone up and get healthier and re-energised this summer with other locals.

The truth is most of us find it hard to stick to an exercise regime and lose motivation which means we constantly end up back at square one with our weight loss and fitness goals.

At fitness camp I try and break this cycle.

My main aim is to help you stick to the fitness camp sessions 2 -3 a week as well as lightly group coaching you to make positive food and lifestyle changes along the way.

The result?

A happy fitness camp member who actually enjoys coming to the sessions regularly and makes progress towards their own health and fitness goals they set. Weight loss, body toning, strength, increases in energy and wellbeing are pretty much guaranteed as well as further reaching positive effects on sleep, mood, reduction in stress and general happiness.

Coming to taster week is your chance to try out what I have to offer you for FREE.

It is perfect for you if you want to get back into exercise after a period off, or even if you haven't done much exercise before. I aim this at beginners and “getting back inners” and because all exercise is time based you can push yourself at your own pace and build up.


WHEN:  WC Monday 25th June

WHERE:  Turnham Green, Chiswick High Road

TIMES:  9.30am Mon, Wed & Fri  / 7pm Mon, Wed & Thur / Sat 9am

TYPE OF EXERCISE: Mixture of body weight circuit classes, equipment such as kettle bells, TRX, battle ropes, resistance bands and VIPRs, cardio interval training, core training and stretching all done to music and time based

FOR WHO: Ladies in Chiswick who want to lose weight, tone, get fitter and healthier and establish a regular outdoor exercise routine they enjoy with other locals.

BRING:  Yourself, an exercise mat / towel and water

Last taster week was at the end of April and we had a great group continue who got some fantastic results as you will see below and I am pleased to say they are all still doing it so continue to improve week by week.

If you are a lady living in or around Chiswick, and want to get back into a regular exercise routine you enjoy so you shape up and get fit for the summer (without having to go to the gym), then taster week is perfect for you.

Come down, try out as many sessions as you like (2 -3 recommended), and learn about how the fitness camp can help you get to your health, body and fitness goals as well as becoming an all round positive impact on your life.

Simply go to and enter your name and email. I will send you your invite straight away.

Any questions feel free to email me at or call me on 07868148536.

I hope to see you at taster week and help you get motivated back into regular exercise and making positive changes with your food and lifestyle.

Dan :)



June 14, 2018