Grove Park Deli Italian Coffee Fest
Do Italians do it best?

Grove Park Deli
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Grove Park Deli Italian Coffee Fest: 22nd May – 5th June

Do Italians do it better? We certainly think so, but the answer is a matter of personal taste and experience, so at the Deli over the next two weeks we are showcasing three of what are considered the best coffee roasting establishments in Turin, Italy, if not the country.

Caffe Putto Turin

In what looks like a very normal home in the Turin suburbs lies Caffe Putto. The roaster has not been touched for over 50 years and uses a slow cycle roasting process. ‘Tostatura Lenta' that avoids the beans going through the thermal shock, the Roaster produces three distinct blends ‘Due Puttini' (Central America and Asia) ‘Putto Paradiso' (Central America) and ‘Putto Celestiale' (Central America, Kenya and Ethiopia)

Caffe Damosso Turin

On an unassuming street corner, the old but wonderfully refurbished coffee roasting machine produces expresso blends that find their way too much glitzier surroundings.

Nicknamed ‘La Birichina' (the naughty, cheeky girl) she is fed with fresh green beans every day in small batches and requires a lot of skill by the men who roast them, to keep their sheer delight and consistency of coffee with intense flavours, denoting ripe fruits and rum. The acidity is almost imperceptible and its aftertaste sweet, intense and persistent.

Caffe Costadoro Turin

Dating back to 1890 at Caffe Costadoro nothing is left to chance. The company invests in quality the whole way from beans to the cup. Winner of the prestigious international coffee tasting award since 2006 it is certified and recognised by the INEI. Roasted using 100% Arabica beans the coffee has a strong spicy flavour with undertones of cocoa, hazelnut, toasted bread and flowers with a dark textured cream on top.

Have your coffee as it should be served: Expresso or if you prefer a Cappuccino or Latte, whichever way you choose, just close your eyes and you will be transported to Italy for a fleeting few moments.


May 13, 2016