Enjoy Valentine's Dinner At Home with Grove Park Deli's Romantic Menu

Cooking with love

Grove Park Deli
22, Fauconberg Road, Chiswick,
London. W4 3JY
0208 995 8219
Email: info@groveparkdeli.com

A quiet, cosy, romantic meal for two on Valentine's Day? A meal you can enjoy at your own pace with fabulous restaurant-quality food that doesn't cost the earth? And does it sound even better if you don't have to prepare it?

It sounds wonderful. But definitely not too good to be true.

The Grove Park Deli will put together the perfect Valentine's feast for you and your partner to enjoy in your own home. No need to jostle for space in an overpriced, cheesey-themed restaurant, nor to race around the shops then spend hours in the kitchen preparing a celebration meal. The Deli will do the lot.

Their mouth-watering Valentine's menu provides a starter followed by your choice of main course (beef for him duck for her? No problem) then a trio of delicious, indulgent desserts complete the evening.

All dishes come with full instructions for how to heat and serve. All you have to do is enjoy the best and most stress-free Valentine's Day meal you've ever enjoyed.

Order in the Deli, call on 0208 995 8219 or Karen on 07730 037 367 or via the website.


January 29, 2019

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