Can Grove Park Deli Help With Your Catering Needs During Lockdown?

Free delivery to the Grove Park area daily

Grove Park Deli
22, Fauconberg Road, Chiswick,
London. W4 3JY
0208 995 8219

Reminder that Grove Park Deli are still offering a delivery service between 2&4pm Monday to Saturday for meals that are ready to be heated or put directly into the freezer. Staple favourites will be on the menu all week plus plenty of Daily Specials to choose from. As with all of the Deli menus there will be a variety of choices to include all tastes and dietary requirements. Items for fridge and larder such as fruit and vegetables, bread, ham, cheeses can also be purchased and delivered along with our tempting variety of shelf goods

Dare we also mention that our Christmas Fayre is also now available to review as it is becoming increasingly likely that we will be enjoying the Festive Season this year in the comfort of our own homes. Menus and Hampers are designed to be delivered to you as a “complete package” this year so that all you will have to do is follow the simple heating instructions.

Full details can be found on the website or e-mail and all information will be sent. You can also call Karen on 07730 037 367


November 6, 2020

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