Gymboree Play, Art And Music For 0-5 Year Olds

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Gymboree has a simple goal: to provide the best Play, Art and Music classes for 0-5 year olds in the world! With sites in more than 35 countries where members benefit from more than 30 years of research – in class and behind the scenes - we are definitely setting the global example.

From new-born all the way up to big kids, classes and activities are based on a blend of early childhood development theories, complemented by years of hands-on experience. Come to a FREE trial of any class to encounter Gymboree’s tried-and-tested activities, with physical, social and imaginary elements all making those 45 minutes fun, challenging, and age-appropriate, helping your little one through crucial early stages! Little ones can bring any adult along to help them explore and play in a clean, safe and colourful environment.

The purpose-built wooden and soft equipment was specifically designed for under fives. It was created just for Gymboree by an experienced playground designer and it’s used in Play classes to challenge and encourage movement and curiosity, along with early imagination skills. With the direction of a teacher, and guidance from a child’s best play-partner possible (their adult carers), children can hit their developmental milestones with fun.

Themes, props and set-ups change frequently. Key class elements and songs remain the same, however, helping children’s recognition, anticipation and memory building. It also helps to encourage joining in. Confidence grows with understanding, so repetition is a big deal. Adults are often amazed at how much their child may remember or grasp of an activity, song or rhyme learnt in class the week before. Gymboree works to stretch growing bodies and minds!

As the model for little ones’ behaviour and their best encouragement to sing, dance, play, and learn, adults are highly valued in Gymboree classes. Grown-ups help to encourage artistic and musical muscles, and provide the re-assurance and praise for new skills learned or attempted. They are even allowed to catch bubbles when no-one is looking!

Gymboree Art classes, starting from 18 months, encourage your child to be the artist. Art has social, cognitive and physical benefits in areas such as math, science and deductive reasoning among many others, as well as helping children’s creativity, physical development and confidence grow. In Gymboree art classes the focus is on the child’s creative process, with emphasis on their own decision making and self-expression. Adults assist and support as children shape their own work across simple themes and units, with tactile stimulation and movement paying a vital part in helping them to concentrate and play as they explore and create – with painting, drawing, printing, sculpting and collage!

Music classes use a global mix of language and genres, including ‘the classics’, as well as more modern sounds from a range of cultures and time-periods. Gymboree music classes are unique, interesting and stimulating for adult and child - with songs from all over the world to take away and treasure. A high level of movement and musical games let children to walk, run, dance, jump and play as well as learning songs, exploring instruments, and cultivating their expressive musical skills – how to fit into a beat or rhythm, silly fun with tempo and pitch, and the importance of listening and turn-taking. Music at Gymboree is a collaborative and social experience for all. Classes run for children from six months, when language and music development starts to go hand in hand!

For three to five year olds, Gymboree’s drop-off classes are a great way for children to continue the Gymboree benefits even when attending school or nursery, plus a great introduction to the concept of independent drop-off activities without a parent or carer. Choose from Arts III for self-expression and artistic exploration, Theatre Arts to develop movement, voice, text and early performance skills, or Sports to explore a variety of a different sports and develop coordination, flexibility, and balance, aid stamina, concentration, and ability to work as a team.
For even smaller children, Gymboree Sensory Baby classes run from newborn. Sensory and physical stimulation from a varied mix of props and activities works to make little ones attentive and interested in their growing understanding of the world. Watch those new synapses firing up, with songs, tactile play, physical games and work on visual discrimination!

Gymboree Chiswick has been running for nearly six years and also aims to be a truly social, safe and relaxed environment for new mums and dads to bring their babies to. For a FREE trial class or more information, visit , email or call 07967 835 059.


March 15, 2013