Ninjacise Bootcamp on Turnham Green

Want to get fit, feel great and have fun? Come and join our bootcamp!

This is a small group training session in a friendly environment. All levels are welcome as you work out at your own pace and at your own level.

If you are interested in, please contact me at One-to-one session or two-to-one session are also available.

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Bootcamp sessions

Wednesdays 9:30am

Sundays 9:30am and 10:45am
(2 sessions on Sundays)

Turnham Green by Turnham Green Church


“Akiko's Bootcamp is a great way to fit in a whole body, core workout in a friendly atmosphere and outdoors. There is no pressure beyond the best effort you can do for yourself. Akiko has a keen eye for form, substance and prepares each class in advance so that the exercises change between classes and rotate throughout the year to keep the class fresh, challenging and invigorating. A great way to start your day, I would highly recommend this class to anyone, beginner, super-fit, and in-between. See you there!” - Adrian Apodaca

“This bootcamp is the best combo of fresh air, intensive exercises and great company. Couple of months of doing the bootcamp I feel a big difference in my body - toned, stronger and wanting more! Akiko is very professional and always adjusts the exercises individually-all set for the best result!” - Juste Grigalauskiene

“I started with Akiko's bootcamp a year ago as a New Year's resolution to get fit. Today, I can honestly say that her bootcamp has played a significant role in the success. It's tough but fun, with great team spirit and always varying exercises in a lovely outdoor setting. It gets me out of bed and motivated every Sunday morning.” - Stefan Meier

“I am not really a gym going person and prefer to be outdoors but I find running a bit boring. Akiko's class is therefore providing me the perfect way to exercise; outdoors and as part of a fun group. The exercises are varied and enable me to strengthen all parts of the body while also providing some cardio work. Moreover, I like the way Akiko runs the class: professional, friendly and not afraid to push me further.” - Rachel Meckler

“Akiko's classes keep me accountable to my workout goals. She knows her stuff- knowledgeable and motivating. She explains the circuits and adjusts our form as needed, making sure we are challenged and safe. Working out with a group is fun and Akiko is super encouraging.” - Nancy Johnson

“I joined Chiswick Ninjacise Bootcamp a year ago and Akiko has really helped improve my overall fitness. When I began I had no stamina and no upper body strength, but now I feel a lot stronger and confident in my own skin. Her knowledge is extensive and she makes you feel completely at ease! The Bootcamps Akiko run have helped me keep consistent with exercising as I actually enjoy attending! It's tough don't get me wrong...Akiko will work you hard but you're having fun while doing it. I can't recommend Akiko enough!” - Donya Shirazi (21) 


April 5, 2021