PA 4 Pets

Peace of mind for busy pet-owners in West London


tel: 020 8987 3153 
or 07905 975 101

PA 4 Pets is a new service providing a specialised personal assistant service for busy pet-owners in West London. They provide reassurance to people who want the best for their pets – but don’t always have the time to do everything themselves.

Director Pam Anson had a successful career as an investment banker and financial and acquisitions specialist. And as a busy career woman herself, she saw the need for a specialist, caring service with expert local knowledge to give pet-owners access to the best care from vetted petcare providers. And someone to remind them of key dates in their diaries, so nothing for their pets gets overlooked.

PA 4 Pets was therefore set up to give pet-owners what they and their pets need in a worry-free and convenient way.

"We have a trusted network of vetted pet specialists, ranging from dog-walkers and cat-feeders to kennels, groomers and puppy trainers, house-sitters and more unusual services such as hydrotherapy and Reiki. PA 4 Pets is a one-stop shop for looking after your pet. We want to ensure pet-owners have the time to enjoy their pets and give them a happy and healthy life." says Pam.

Benefits of PA 4 Pets
• Saves time and gives peace of mind
• Lets pet-owners get on with enjoying their pets, not dealing with administration
• Just one call to us: a helping hand for all pet needs
• Security –people who’ve been vetted by us

Examples of how PA 4 Pets helps
• People going into hospital – let us find someone to walk the dog/feed the cat
• You’re unexpectedly called away on a business trip or are delayed getting back – don’t leave your pet alone, let us organise someone to help
• Emergency- lost pets – call us for assistance in preparing local adverts, looking, checking with microchipping databases and police, etc
• Newcomers to the area –we can quickly find everything they want for their pets with minimum hassle when they’re moving home

As a launch promotion PA 4 Pets are waiving the £100 joining fee until 1st September.

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June 18, 2007