Get Fit And Feel Great With Pilates
Local fitness expert Rachel Lawrence believes that fitness and feeling good go hand in hand

To start working towards the body you want right now just email Rachel for further details at:
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Local fitness expert Rachel Lawrence believes that fitness and feeling good go hand in hand, and she thinks the way to achieve both is through Pilates.

“I first came across Pilates when I was working in New York over ten years ago,” says Rachel, a former professional dancer who had been forced to retire following a knee injury. “ From the very first class I was hooked,” she explains. “The combination of intelligent, focused movement, the attention to detail, and the fact I could feel the positive effects in my body the very next day, persuaded me that it was a great exercise regime.”

Within a few months of regular classes, Rachel found she no longer had back pain and was able to return to dance class, something she hadn’t done since her injury. “I also had the added bonus of a longer, leaner look to my body,” she continues, “I had flatter abdominals, more toned arms and legs, and an overall youthful and athletic appearance that I loved.”

Pilates has become a globally recognised form of exercise approved by health professionals the world over. It is estimated that it is now practised in more than 26 countries with over 15 million people attending regular classes.

Based on the belief that a fit and healthy body needs a strong core, Pilates exercises a large group of muscles that support and connect the major structures of the skeleton, specifically the pelvis, shoulders, rib cage and spine.

When these muscles contract they stabilise the whole torso enabling your body to generate a strong base from which movements can be made. At the simplest level these muscles allow you to stand up and walk. At the other end of the spectrum they can help increase power, strength and sports performance. Most importantly, however, a strong core protects your back.

Determined to become a Pilates trainer Rachel went to California and worked with two of the world’s leading Pilates practitioners. “They teach Pilates in a more dynamic way than is traditionally done in the UK,” according to Rachel, “Just think about how those Hollywood hotties look. Many leading ladies, and men, have a regular Pilates expert in their life who puts them through their paces each week to keep them strong and flexible.”

This is the style of teaching that Rachel practices, so you get a Californian approach but with a distinctly Chiswick personality! The classes condition all the joints as well as small and large muscle groups, so there is no risk of over developing muscles, or over working some muscles while neglecting others. You also get the added benefit of focused core work, which will reduce your waistline and strengthen your back. It really is the easiest way to get fit if you have a hectic lifestyle, as you don’t need to worry about which part of your body needs training, or how many reps to do, you can leave it all to Rachel.

Rachel offers weekly classes in hotspots along Chiswick High Road, with a class for everybody: dynamic, technique based or stretch classes to Rachel’s specially developed Barre Workout class. Low impact on the joints but high intensity on the muscles, this cardio class is ideal for those who want to burn fat, tone, sculpt, and lift, and develop the lean look of a dancer.

As an ex-dancer herself Rachel has choreographed a set of exercises based on her professional dance and movement experience. You will work your whole body, all to her unique playlist, so you get that great buzz of moving to music, while Rachel leads you every step of the way!

You’ll tone up fast but, like anything in life that’s worth having, you have to put the work in and come to regular classes to get results.

Here’s what some of Rachel’s current clients have said about classes,

"Thank you, thank you, that really was amazing. I loved the pace and your style of teaching."
Dina, Starter Pilates

"Teaching is first class"
Stephen, Private client

"I look forward to the Barre Workout classes every week. It works on every muscle and you really feel like you've had a good workout. Plus Rachel makes the class really fun and enjoyable" 
Jill, Barre Workout

Whatever your goals, Pilates can help

From your very first Pilates session you will be on your way to a stronger body, a body better able to meet whatever challenges life throws at you. Dynamic, athletic, and challenging, Pilates gets results every time. With regular attendance you will soon feel and see changes for yourself. From flatter abdominals, a stronger back, and toned legs and arms, to greater flexibility and strength, Pilates conditions your whole body, making every part of your life easier and more enjoyable.

Being the best you can

We can’t all be Olympians, who has the time apart from anything else?! Pilates will, however, help you look, feel and function better in your own skin, as well as sculpt your body into the best possible shape. It will help you walk taller, feel stronger, and put a smile on your face!

Pilates is for everyone

This is your opportunity to learn from a teacher who has experience working with a wide range of people. Rachel’s clients include athletes and performers, new mothers and people recuperating from operations. She teaches people of all ages and both sexes. The one thing her clients have in common is a desire to become fitter and healthier no matter what their age or circumstances. Alongside her group classes she also runs a private practice for those that prefer one to one training.

To start working towards the body you want right now just email Rachel for further details at: or call on 07930 564437

You can also follow Rachel on Twitter @Rachel_Pilates or join her Facebook page to find out more about her special offers, fitness advice and all things feelgood and fitness based.



October 25, 2013