Intelligent Style and Understated Individuality Comes To Chiswick

With Sirca 6's Comprehensive New Range of Shirts For Men

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Sirca 6
382-384 Chiswick High Road
W4 5TF
Telephone: 020 8742 0210
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Research has now proven what we have known all along – that men and women shop differently.

According to a recent study, whilst both sexes display "primeval instincts" in the High Street, seven in 10 men are likely to fit the traditional "hunter" profile wanting to go in for the "kill" with the aim of buying specific items.

Men also tend to be more decisive which is why retail entrepreneur Neil Borer deemed Chiswick the ideal location to launch his Sirca 6 concept.

sirca 6An idea born out of frustration, Neil says “As men ourselves, we recognise that our attitude and approach to how we look has changed.

Yet it remains a difficult task to try and find something to wear beyond the ‘boring & safe norm’ that exudes some style and individuality without standing out too much.”

“We also believe that men’s lifestyles have become much more diverse, creating a need for chiswick shopalternative styles/looks for each different situation. However, in trying to achieve this diversity in his wardrobe it still feels like he has to shop all over the place to get it.”

“Fundamentally, most of us just want to look and feel good. Sirca 6 is dedicated to delivering a high quality offer with an edge, combining intelligent style, understated individuality and what we call ‘subtle’ attitude.”

Sirca 6 offers men a new brand choice that understands their complex life and delivers on all their diverse needs in a simple, one-stop format - to provide a comprehensive and ‘total’ men’s shirt offer, catering for all the different situations which men find themselves in during any given week.

Their range includes everything from office shirts for the more formal side of business, cooler day shirts for more style accepting work environments, relaxed casual shirts for chilling out, whether at home, in the pub or on a beach, sharper fashion/party shirts for going out and feeling good as well as a diverse range of polo and t-shirts offering multiple looks and uses.

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June 11, 2007