Need more space? Why not store with a neighbour

Need more space? Why not store with a neighbourNeed more space?
Why not store with a neighbour

Or need more cash? Rent out your spare household space.

Lack of household storage space is a problem many Londoners have; especially during a time where living costs are high and self-storage remains too expensive for many.

r need more cash? Rent out your spare household space. Now, a unique online service is set to change the way we live by offering a new and very affordable ‘community alternative’ to self-storage. introduces people with storage needs to local people who have unused space in their homes. Many local residents have too much stuff cluttering up their homes (seasonal clothing, Christmas decorations, sports equipment, etc), whilst others have additional space that they do not fully use (like a loft, spare room, basement, or even a garage). West London residents can now earn income through renting out their extra space while helping out someone locally by charging much less then expensive self-storage companies.

Using the Storemates website, users can list or search for storage space locally and with the help of a legal contract, can safely put in place their storage arrangements. The site has a review system and strict safeguards built-in to protect both sides, and so far boasts 100% positive feedback from its customers.

The service – the first of its kind – has distinct advantages over self-storage. Costs are less than 50%, there is no VAT to pay and no hidden fees, plus the service is better for the environment as it utilises existing space and provides a great way for neighbours to help each other out.

It’s free to search and list and only takes a small one off admin fee from the storage provider once they have started to rent out their space so no one is ever out of pocket.

"By storing all our seasonal items with a neighbour, Storemates has helped me to reclaim a whole room for my daughter to play and learn in"

Local Mum Anna with her daughter Maya

Local resident Ben Rogers and Shaff Prabatani founded the site after Shaff and his wife decided to start a family but could not afford to upgrade to a larger property. He says. “Storemates was set up to help space starved or cash strapped Londoners like me make the most of their space, by either saving on storage costs or earning though renting out additional space”.

Aiming to become the ‘eBay of Storage’, the founders hope that through the site, users will Love their Space, and their neighbours too! 

Visit their website for more information on how to earn or save through Storemates

Or email Ben on  or call 0800 001 6720      

Want to work for Storemates?

In addition to the website, Storemates are also recruiting ‘Community Storage Brokers’, to help people, face to face, benefit from their service. If you know local people with either storage needs or space in their homes and can bring them together or can promote Storemates to your friends and networks, they will pay you for every storage arrangement made. Another great way to earn an additional income plus you will always be helping someone out who needs more space.


January 23, 2013