Adding Value To Your Home (Without BreakingThe Bank)

The Value of Cabinet Makers


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Local property renovator Colleen De Spaey guides you through her top tips for increasing the value of your property, both for yourself to enjoy and for future selling.

When we think of cabinets, many people’s minds will drift to the kitchen or bathroom, and all those kitchen cupboards, drawers and vanity units. But the artistry of cabinet making can - and should - be used for so much more, and it will help you create value in your home far above the price paid for a cabinet maker’s craft.

There’s often confusion over the difference between a cabinet maker, joiner and a carpenter. There is, of course, some overlap, as many will have learnt the basics of these trades before specialising. But although a good carpenter or joiner may be able to create perfectly usable cupboards and shelves for you on site, usually with MDF, there is no comparison to the finish created by a skilled cabinet maker in their workshop, with all the unique tools, materials and artistry they have to offer.

There is something about a cabinet maker's art that stands the test of time. Every square inch of that space under the stairs, that sloping corner, that awkward curved wall space, can be used to its full potential. Details in your property you thought might be a design flaw, perhaps from a previous build or a Victorian eccentricity, can be turned into something uniquely beautiful in the hands of a craftsman. And with a perfectly fitting cabinet, shelf, cupboard or vanity unit using each space to its full potential, it can bring far more value to your home than the initial cost of the work. After all, built in furniture looks luxurious and can fit into areas perfectly where stand-alone furniture never does.

Cabinet makers have a vast array of material at their disposal with which to work, and there are now hundreds of different veneers out there which will catch the eye and be sure to impress any future potential buyers. From the dark, strong warmth of African Wenge, to the stunning natural patterns of the light Japanese Tamo Ash, which works beautifully in bathrooms with its resemblance to running water, each variety of material makes a huge difference to the end product. Bespoke paintings, wallpaper, glass, and stone can all be incorporated into a piece. You could also use padded leather on your wardrobes, which will add a fabulous tactility and luxuriousness to a room. These materials really create a look and feel that you simply cannot achieve with MDF.

Any space can be transformed by a cabinet maker. From an awkward corner to a huge walk in wardrobe with veneered doors and interior lights that would be the envy of Sex in the City’s Carrie Bradshaw, anything is possible. And don't stop at the wood. The little details make such a difference too, and if you're going to the expense of a cabinet maker, don't scrimp on the handles. Curved glass, dents, porcelain, leather buttons… you don’t need to break the bank to add those final, stunning details that will help your pieces – and the skill that went into them - stand out even more.

Cabinet making may not be cheap, but the value that extremely well made and durable pieces will add to your property will very likely be double the cost of having them made in the first place. After all, if you value your property enough to make bespoke cabinets for its corners and crevices, it must be a property worth pampering!

Whether for a kitchen or a library, an office or just an awkward corner under the stairs, what better way to complete these spaces than by employing the artisanal skill of a cabinet maker.



July 20, 2016