Revival’s Revival Appears Short Lived

The beleaguered beauty spa closes leaving clients high and dry

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Revival’s revival appears to be short-lived after the beleaguered beauty spa closes for the second time in three months.

One of their former clients contacted after she discovered the spa had closed without giving notice. She is one of a number of women who pre-paid for courses of yoga classes up front and who now cannot contact the spa to recover their money. She said, “Last night I arrived for a pregnancy yoga class along with four others only to find out that the spa was closed and the telephone number unobtainable.

“Another pregnant woman who’d previously attended the class passed by and said it wasn’t the first time it’d happened but that it had subsequently re-opened and she had been warned by a friend not to buy class cards in advance.”

She added “Unfortunately it’s information that has come to me and others too late.”

According to a former spa employee, Revival is owned by tax accountant, George Giorgiou, who also owns a Japanese restaurant in Knightsbridge. Speaking in June after the spa closed down for a few weeks he said, “I doubt you will be able to get any money out of them though, I am still waiting for a P45. They seem to specialise in avoidance and chaos as a means of perpetuating business.”

We contacted Revival and asked them to clarify the situation and if their clients would be reimbursed but have not received a response.


September 12, 2008