Eco-Chic Arrives in Chiswick

With the launch of the ever so environmentally friendly emporium Eco

Eco is at 213 Chiswick High Road

Chiswick got a little greener this week with the opening of the much anticipated ecological destination store Eco. And with four floors filled with gorgeous environmentally friendly household products, appliances, toys and building solutions, the fern-clad eco-emporium is certainly worth the wait.

“We want to educate people, convince them that going eco can be easy,” says Livia Giuggioli aka Mrs Firth. “There are so many beautiful products that people don’t know about. Being ecological isn’t only for nerds or hippies – it can be sexy and sensual.”

Eco offers the services of environmental experts to help homeowners turn their habitats into ecologically sound havens. Indeed the building itself is the country’s first self-sustainable shop, lit and heated by the sun.

“We want a good place to meet and enjoy as well as learn how to improve the planet.” Nicola told The Times in an interview “And to do that is has to be fashionable, to have things for all generations. It can’t be an eco-nutter place or it won’t work.”

A sentiment echoed by his sister who said, “We’re keen not to be portrayed as eco-warriors. We want to empower people at a time when it’s practically immoral not to care about the planet.”

Eco is the joint venture of Colin Firth, his wife Livia, her brother Nicola and the Firth family friend and financier Ivo Coulson. However, it is not Colin Firth’s first foray into the world of ethical retailing; he was the force behind the launch of Progreso, cafés set up to help Fairtrade growers.


February 16, 2008