Eco Leads Campaign To Turn Chiswick Into 'Eco-Village'

A-list traders aim to galvanize community around key green issues

Eco-Chic Arrives in Chiswick - With the launch of the ever so environmentally friendly emporium Eco

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Eco is launching a campaign for shops, businesses and locals to make Chiswick the first “eco village” in London.

Founded by Colin and Livia Firth, Nicola Guiggioli and Ivo Coulson, Eco is a retail shop and consultancy that helps homeowners, businesses and schools make green living a reality.

With this initiative, Eco aims to galvanize the local community around a few key green issues, asking local residents and customers to support participating businesses that:

  • ban the use of plastic bags and replace them with sustainable alternatives
  • campaign local council for better commercial recycling provision
  • switch to a green energy supplier

Following these first steps the campaign hope to initiate further actions to promote a sustainable community.

Eco’s campaign will be launched at a community meeting at 7:30 pm on June 19th at St Michaels and All Angels Church where locals and businesses are expected to adopt and develop an “eco village” action plan. Eco’s CEO Nicola Giuggioli will present ideas and lead a discussion.

This event is part of a larger series of local events to mark London Sustainability weeks, called “Love London,” including the Bedford Park Festival in Chiswick on 7th and 8th June where there will be a ‘Make Chiswick Green’ weekend of activities and stalls on Acton Green. Eco will have a stand where they will be giving out tips and advice on how to be more energy efficient in homes, businesses and schools as well as selling eco products.

May 10, 2008