Eco Makes Sustainability Shortlist

For prestigious Innovation and Design Awards 2009

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Eco Age has been shortlisted in the sustainability category in the Conde Nast Traveller Innovation and Design Awards 2009 and they are asking Chiswick to be part of the "winning process"

Listed amongst the most environmentally friendly concepts including the rooftop wind turbine, Roberts solar-powered DAB radio and Norway's Global Seed Vault, Livia and Nicola Giuggioli are hoping that their green objects of desire top the polls.

The idea behind the innovation and design awards is that regardless of where and why you travel, the experience is enhanced by such inspired thinking. The third awards celebrates excellence in 10 categories - ranging from sustainability to transport.

Shortlists were compiled by judges including Sir Nicholas Serota, Director of Tate since 1988, Sir Christopher Frayling, Rector of the Royal College of Art, former Chair of the Arts Council and Jeremy King co-owner of London's The Wolseley and St Alban and the Monkey Bar in New York, Chris Goodall, author of two upbeat books on climate change: Ten Technologies to Save the Planet and The Green Guide for Business and Brent Hoberman co-founder of

Voting closes on 23 April; the winners will be announced on 27 April at an awards ceremony.


April 8, 2009