Anonymous Benefactor Restores Devonshire Road's Faith

After collection box was stolen from fundraising street festival


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Local traders, who were left angry and saddened after money they raised for local charity Refuge was stolen, had their faith restored when an anonymous benefactor donated a large cheque as a replacement.

The theft happened during the recent Devonshire Road Fun Day when an callous crook stole a collection box containing around £60 from beside the till in Chiswick Pet Supplies.

A posting on the forum wrote how "Someone saw fit to help themselves to one of the collection boxes, which was next to the till in Chiswick Pets. Taking advantage of a particularly busy moment during the late afternoon the collection box, which is bright pink with the Refuge Name and logo as well as the shop's details, was stolen.

"As much as £60 was contained in the box, which has gone into the pocket of some selfish thief rather than the people who need and deserve it."

Over £1000 was raised over the weekend through a raffle and general collections for Refuge, a charity to help victims of domestic violence which started out in Chiswick, with three safehouses currently in operation in the area.


July 5, 2007