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Nigel Conway explores some new and innovative frames

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I love frames that are a bit different to the run of the mill high street collections. Those of you who have visited the i-Site know that we stock a unique range of eyewear for real connoisseurs and I’m always looking to add new innovative designs to the collection. The latest addition is the Vinylize and Cinematique ranges from Tipton of Hungary, made from vinyl records and cine film.


The first Vinylize frames were made from old LPs purchased at the flea market. As the records became rarer and more varied in quality, Tipton began having the music of up and coming musicians pressed. Today they press their own special records. Vinylize frames are made unique by the vinyl record veneer that graces the front of the frame. The accompanying case is made from a 7” single that is fitted with a zip and folded in half. All Vinylize grooves are specially cut and mastered in Paris. This is to ensure a beautiful intricate surface for all products. Music has the power to transcending borders and open minds. The creation of a product made from recycled material has the power to touch millions. No other company fuses music and recycling with fashion more perfectly than Tipton.


Cinematique frames are carved from sheets of cellulose acetate plastic. The temples are made from stainless steel. All Cinematique frames are decorated with strips of film. A visible piece of storytelling history graces the temple of every frame. The temples are made by recycling 35mm and 16mm movies. Tipton makes no discretion concerning the media on the film. Some of the film is collected from cinemas and date from after 1989 (fall of Communism in Hungary), scenes from old Emmanuelle movies have also been used. The scenes are carefully selected for visibility. This means that they search for footage that is high in contrast to ensure a stunning temple. Tipton can even make custom temples with film of your choice.

.....and there's a sale on at The i-Site throughout July!

Nigel Conway

July 6, 2012