Ken to see red over new car buying schemes

Chiswick company say new rules will cut motoring costs

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The new Discovery is available from KVC from as little as £289.99 per month.

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A Chiswick based vehicle leasing company is hailing new regulations that could dramatically cut the cost of owning a new car. Motorists can now own top of the range vehicles for a fraction of the price previously available including the controversial 4x4s which are so hated by Ken Livingstone according to Kelly Vehicle Contract's Martin Kelly.

Leasing arrangements account for over 60% of cars on the road in the US and new EU regulations, which give car distributors more independence from control by the manufacturers, are likely to lead to a major shift in the structure of the market in the UK. Far more cars are likely to be acquired on a leased or contract hire basis. The main catch with leasing is that you are restricted in the amount of mileage you can use the car for each year, typically 10,000 miles. The vehicles remain covered by the manufacturer's warranty which means you can still take them to the local dealer for servicing.

Martin believes that a massive change in the way we own cars is on the way. His company offers leasing and hire deals on a comprehensive range of new vehicles. He is so confident of beating prices offered by the bigger dealers around Chiswick that he is urging car buyers to get a quote from them to compare it to his rates. He says the deals he offers remove the main cost of removing a car, namely depreciation, and you should now only buy a car if you believe its value will appreciate.

The development could be bad news for the Mayor who is trying to discourage people from owning cars and buying 4x4s in particular. He branded people who drove them in London as complete idiots saying that they are meant for use in the country-side not on the school run and that they are 'status symbols for people with too much money'. The vehicles are also widely condemned for being 'gas-guzzling'. Defenders of 4x4s point out that families have to use larger cars and there is very little difference in energy consumption between a 4x4 and alternatives such as an estate car or an MPV.

Martin disputes that 4x4s are only for the well-heeled with his firm offering such vehicles at prices starting at £186.99 a month. He urged the Mayor to contact him for the best deal and said that actually driving a 4x4 may change his view.

Although his company can provide cars of all types from most manufacturers Martin is currently offering special deals on 4x4s in response to the Mayor's threat to double the congestion charge on them.

A new Nissan X-Trail 2.2DCi SE 5 Door Manual (pictured right) would cost £294.99 a month inc. VAT on a personal lease basis (£249.99 per month plus VAT for businesses) for a 36 month lease with a deposit of three monthly payments required.

He can also offer the new Land Rover Discovery TD5 Pursuit 7St Manual on a 24 month lease at £349.99 per month (incl. VAT) or £289.99 per month plus VAT on a business lease.

July 22, 2004