Another One Bites The Dust

Sports shop forced to close after rent, rates and parking charge increases make it 'impossible' to stay

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"After 26 years in Chiswick the recent increases in rent, rates and parking charges have made it impossible for us to retail competitively in the sports retail market," said Antony Tropp, owner of Turnham Green Terrace's Sports Centre.

His words are sadly indicative of the the ongoing trend in Chiswick where very few small independent traders are able to survive.

The sports shop has been such an integral part of so many residents' lives whether for purchasing kit for themselves or their children who simply 'must have' a gum shield, swimming googles, trainers etc for the following school day.

Antony is currently looking to relocate the business but says that he is yet to managed to secure another site. Their website and clearance shop on eBay will continue trading.

On a more positive note new businesses are opening up in Chiswick. High Road Auctions are currently refurbishing the former Goodness building, opposite the former Est Est Est building which is also undergoing work at the moment to convert it into residential homes. The two new sites will inject much needed life into that section of the High Road. Other businesses opened in the past few months include Quantas restaurant on Devonshire Road and Peppermint a new pram retailer on High Road.

January 28, 2011