Pampering Palace

Chiswick's Newest Beauty Salon

+ Garra Rufa Fish Pedicure Only £15 for first time customers +

Pampering Palace
24 Chiswick High Road
London W4 1TE

Tel: 020 8995 0662
Mob:07930 600 284

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Contemporary lifestyles mean that these days it's impossible to avoid the stress of hectic schedules, which means it's vital to find a little bit of peace and quiet once in a while.

Let us help you forget about the strains of your day and enjoy a few precious hours of being pampered in our new beauty salon, Pampering Palace.

Pampering Palace provides professional hair and beauty treatments with fully qualified therapists who have many years experience working in hair and beauty salons.

As well as benefiting from our professional treatments, you can be sure of an enjoyable and relaxing time.

As good as its name, Pampering Palace delivers a variety of hair, beauty and skin treatments including

• Skin Rejuvenation
• Dermal Roller
• Laser hair removal
• Laser skin rejuvenation
• Semi-permanent make-up

in a way that is designed to make you feel special. In addition to all these we also offer the revolutionary FISH PEDICURE.

What’s more we’re a family run business and we’d love to meet and greet all our clients. Our long opening ours mean we’re always there when you need us. W e are open 7 days week, and close at 8pm on weekdays and 7pm on the weekend.

We look forward to seeing you, very soon.


March 17, 2011