Pedestrian Culture Possible For Chiswick?

Residents and businesses have their say on reclaiming local roads

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Prompted by the prolonged presence of ‘road closed’ signs on Devonshire Road, locals have been musing over the possibility of introducing pedestrian culture to Chiswick.

Introducing the idea, one resident said “I think it [Devonshire Road] should be pedestrianised. Let's turn it into a little bit of Europe. The restaurants and cafe could extend out, maybe get a couple more down there and people could happily stroll up and down.”

Another disagreed saying “Let’s not reduce parking in Chiswick even more. The retailers need the added convenience for their customers, so shoppers can come and go to may be drop off dry cleaning or pick up furniture etc.”

A local trader, who has for some time been arguing the case for banishing traffic in another part of Chiswick, said, “Surely pedestrianisation of Barley Mow Passage would be easier than Devonshire Road? Although I really believe we should be encouraging both areas, it would be great for Chiswick.”

Of course there are many factors to take into consideration including access, deliveries etc. However, other places, for example St Christopher’s Place (off Oxford Street W1), have overcome such issues by allowing traffic up until midday. For the remainder of the afternoon and on into the evening the area becomes a fume free haven for shoppers and diners. Whether something similar would be possible for Chiswick is still in debate amongst traders, residents and Hounslow Council.

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May 4, 2008