Mu by Peugeot Chiswick

Groundbreaking mobility service destined to revolutionise perceptions of transport

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Mu by Peugeot is a groundbreaking mobility service destined to revolutionise perceptions of transport in our towns and cities. It offers customers access to a range of mobility services from the comprehensive portfolio of Peugeot products – whether or not they already own a vehicle.

The scheme has already been launched in Paris and other cities across France, as well as Berlin, Milan and Madrid. Mu account-holders can rent cars, vans, scooters and bicycles, along with accessories such as roof boxes and bike racks.

Peugeot has just launched its First 100% electric vehicle the Peugeot iOn, the iOn is agile, safe, comfortable and user-friendly, and turns city life into a completely new experience. For just £45 it could be you’re to hire for a day!

Now it is the UK’s turn, with your local dealer Robins and Day Chiswick having now launched Mu by Peugeot.

The flexibility of Mu by Peugeot means it will appeal to your every transport need,

• A couple who have a family car could rent a sportier model for a weekend without their children.

• In contrast, someone with a small car might want to rent something roomier when they have relatives coming to stay.

• Bookings can be for as little as half a day, so renting a van through Mu by Peugeot could be an ideal option for moving a bulky piece of furniture.

• Someone on a city break might park their car near a Peugeot dealer and rent a scooter or bicycle to tour the sights, leaving them free to enjoy the open air. Payments to Mu by Peugeot are made with points. Joining the scheme is easy - customers simply register their details on a dedicated website,, to obtain a Mu card which can then be topped up by purchasing credits online.

Peugeot’s UK’s Managing Director, Jon Goodman, says: “Never before has the rental customer been exposed to such an extensive product range, combined with periods of loan that offer flexible mobility and convenience. Mu by Peugeot offers new mobility to our customers, irrespective of their brand familiarity.

"And crucially, in the year that the Peugeot brand celebrates 200 years of industrial prowess, it is leading the race to find solutions to current economic and environmental challenges.”

We also offer a range of services including bikes, scooters, vans, and the rcz. We also hire out in car DVD players, sat nav, car seat, bike racks, roof racks.


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