Does Your Cat Have What It Takes To Be A Celeb?

Chiswick company currently casting cats to turn into famous faces

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Chiswick based company Takkoda is currently casting for cats to turn into celebrities.

"We are currently producing a new range of cards and gifts using images that parody celebrities and are casting for cats to be some of our new range of 'Famous Faces', Kate told

"We are particularly looking for pretty Sphynx and pale cats (white or pale cream/lilac breeds such as Tonkinese) but need all sorts of character cats for future designs."

Takkoda (derived from the Sioux name meaning ‘friend to all’) was launched four years ago by two couples selling greetings cards, T-shirts and gifts based on funny animal designs.

"We photograph pets and then, with the aid of photoshop, turn them into various characters."

If you think your cat has what it takes to be a star; please email Kate Polyblank, and attach an image of your cat. "
Please note we cannot guarantee that we will use your cat or what we will dress them up as!"

You can see some of their range at or in Something Nice on Turnham Green Terrace and Paperchase on Chiswick High Road.

June 16, 2009