The Parlour Boutique Blowdry And Braid Bar

Our stylists aren't just creative, they're clever. And so is our concept.

8 Devonshire Road,
W4 2HD
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At The Parlour, our stylists aren't just creative, they're clever. And so is our concept.

We specialize in blowdrys and braids, but that’s not all. Oh no. We also do simple trims, highlights, colours, and pretty much anything else you want (except the life changing cuts- we prefer to work with what you have).

Our ’dos are designed to make you look effortlessly glamorous. Our bohemian braids have been created to give people the illusion that you actually are this crafty and just happened to throw your hair up in this awesome yet reassuringly casual way (striking that delicate balance between making all women want to be you and making them sorta hate you at the same time). Our bombshell blowouts create volume and style in ways you never even thought possible. Kate Middleton-Shmate Shmiddleton we say. The spotlight’s on YOU. And the best part- our blowdrys last for days. Yes ladies…DAYS. So get ready to make those heads turn.

All our services come with a piece of cake AND a cocktail. Yup. You heard right. We have ice cream cone cupcakes and bubbly- and it’s amazing. But don’t worry, all those little darlings who aren’t quite old enough for a cocktail get a delicious vanilla Coke float instead. What’s that you say? Oh- that’s just the sound of angels singing.

SPECIAL MIDWEEK OFFER: Bombshell blowdry £20 & bohemian braid £10! (Includes tea/coffee and a cake). Offer runs Mon-Friday 11am-4pm. Please call us on 02089944618 to find out more and book on in!

“Banish all images of a sticky, naff prom queen ’do and imagine a glossy mane in the vein of ‘Oops, I just rolled over in my bed and my tresses just accidentally cascaded this way”– Just Opened London

for more info and to book online please visit xox


November 7, 2013