1 In 5 Men Have Not Seen A Doctor In Last 3 Years

If you're one of them, take a look at The Westover

The Westover
334 Chiswick High Road
W4 5TA

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A new survey about men's attitude to healthcare reveals that men are reluctant to consult with healthcare professionals - despite two thirds of those surveyed having significant medical family histories more than one in five men (21%) have not visited a GP, or healthcare professional in the last 12 months - and 2% admit they have never seen one.

The survey undertaken by insureblue.co.uk asked 1,000 men aged over 18 (73% were aged over 45) about their views on health and their attitude to seeing healthcare professionals and undergoing basic health checks - measuring weight, blood pressure, diabetes and cholesterol. Overall only 14% admitted to being happy to see a doctor if needed whilst a third revealed that they will only go to the doctors if their partners encourage them, or they really have to.

Thankfully for men in Chiswick, they have the option of The Westover. Centrally situated on the High Road, The Westover has several male GPs who will arrange for telephone consultations for those too busy to visit.

"We offer a full health screen including a state of the art blood test which can detect whether you are at risk of developing heart disease only available at The Westover and the test results are available within 48 hours."

The Westover offers great value membership packages at £45 a month for unlimited GP consultations.

"We also have onsite specialists as well as GPs which means that if you need to be referred to for example a cardiologist you do not have to travel far or wait beyond your appointment time."


March 22, 2011