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Sponsored run will help Raffaella raise funds for Sierra Leone

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Chiswick dentist Raffaella Gabassi of White Dental and Cosmetic Rooms, has returned from her latest bi-annual trip to Sierra Leone.

Her charity, The Smiling World Foundation, treated 1,800 children and adults from different towns and institutions such as the Craig Bellamy Foundation during her two and a half weeks in the country.

Raffaella says;” We also implemented our education programme where we teach the children the importance of good oral hygiene. We them simple oral hygiene instructions.

“More significantly Smiling World has been in talks with the authorities about setting up a much-needed dental school in Sierra Leone. There is only one dentist per 1.1 million people. Sierra Leone needs more dental professionals in the fight against dental disease.

An oral hygiene lesson

"We presented to the authorities data which the Foundation has collected since the team was established in September, regarding the rate of decay as well as dental-related deaths in children. Needless to say the figures speak for themselves and proposal was met with much enthusiasm.

"Support for the Foundation is gaining momentum. Our successful meetings with the authorities were written about in the Sierra Leonean newspaper, The Awareness Times and have given us much welcome exposure in Sierra Leone. You can read the article here:

"Even close to home, we are accumulating supporters. Our friend and colleague, David Mantle, who also works as a dentist in Chiswick, is raising money for the charity this Saturday (March 23) by running a whopping 100-mile course from Richmond in South London all the way to Oxford."

Donations for David’s fundraising for Smiling World can be done straight through the website,

"It is an exciting time for the Foundation and we will be sure to update you on any new developments. Now that we’ve got the right people on board, we’ve got the ball rolling and we are one step closer to our goal.

"On behalf of the children, we would like to thank you for your continued support and belief in our mission. You’ve already made a difference to many lives – a dental school and a future filled with smiles will be your legacy."



March 21, 2013