Butcher's Choice For Chiswick

As Wyndham House open their doors on the High Road

Wyndham House Fulham Road

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Family butchers Wyndham House have opened for business on Chiswick High Road giving locals a greater choice when it comes to supporting independents.

With branches in Fulham, Pimlico and Borough Market, Wyndham House's produce has received rave reviews from celebrity chefs and amatuer cooks alike.

Their chickens are grown on a family farm, they also are known for their great line in pre-marinaded meat, preserves and relishes.

One customer of their Fulham branch says, "I can't say enough good things about this place! They have great meat and while some cuts are a bit pricey, what they make in house is superb and I would say quite affordable - marinated spatchcock poussin (£3.50 each), chicken sausages (about a £ each I think?) and foie gras stuffed chicken parcels (£3.50 each)."

February 28, 2010