The Seven 'Hurdles' To Heathrow Airport Expansion

Chiswick Town Hall is venue for launch of new campaign against third runway


Third Runway Fight 'Is Only Just Beginning' Say CHATR

Large Chiswick Turnout for Airport Anti-Expansion March

Chiswick 'Starting To Make A Noise' about Third Runway

Chiswick Group Formed To Oppose Airport Expansion

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CHATR is launching its next big campaign, the Heathrow Hurdles Campaign, on Monday 22 February at Chiswick Town Hall at 9.30am, along with other anti-third runway groups such as HACAN.

Campaigners will illustrate the obstacles to a new runway by unveiling seven 7ft high hurdles each representing what they believe a key barrier to a third runway:   cost, noise, air pollution, public opposition, community destruction, climate change and security. 

The hurdles will also be illustrated on billboards on an Advan which will be at the launch before touring the streets of London and the South East for three days.  It will include a visit to Willesden Magistrates Court on Wednesday 24 February where the Plane Stupid activists, who last year blocked the tunnel into Heathrow, are expected to be sentenced to jail.

John Stewart, chair of HACAN, the main organisation behind the launch, said, “There are so many hurdles in the way of building a third runway that we believe it is simply not deliverable.  The aim of this short campaign is to get this message across to the Government loud and clear.  We will also be emailing all MPs spelling out the reasons why a third runway may never see the light of day.”

Stewart added, “Some of the obstacles, such as noise and pollution, are well-known but today we can reveal that a third runway at Heathrow could end up costing a family of four over £400 The airport would pay for the runway itself but much of the cost of the associated road and rail infrastructure would fall on the taxpayer.”

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February 19, 2016

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