Adult TV Channel Moves Into Barley Mow Centre

Tenants 'unhappy with clients being exposed to such a business'

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There is reportedly unrest amongst businesses based in the Barley Mow Centre over one of the building's tenants.

Adult TV channel and website Elite TV and their parent company Primetime TV recently moved into the Workspace Group owned offices based in Barley Mow Passage and began broadcasting.

However, according to reports, not all existing tenants were pleased to see the new arrivals with one company choosing to move to alternative premises because they were 'unhappy with their clients being exposed to such a business'.

Operations Director Chris Pieroni told, "Workspace Group boasts a diverse customer base reflecting the economy of the capital. Indeed, Workspace Group's portfolio is home to a wide range of businesses encompassing all sectors, religions and ethnicities.

"We are proud of this diversity, and the ongoing success of our 4,000+ small business customers embodying London's entrepreneurial spirit.

"We require our customers to operate within the law and to ensure that they do not create a nuisance for other customers or staff.

"We do not however make any other judgements about the nature of their business."

Barley Mow Centre is currently undergoing substantial building work which will provide an additional 1340m2 of office space for Chiswick.

Planning approval was finally gained earlier this year after a number of applications were rejected mainly because of the sheer scale of the proposed development.

Voicing his objections to the plans one local resident said the proposals “appear to be a massive over development of the available site, and will impinge directly on the views and day lighting to the rear of the library” adding, “surely as users of the Library, the residents of Chiswick could have been made more aware of these proposals.”

The Centre is situated in Barley Mow Passage and comes under the Turnham Green Conservation Area. Current buildings comprise a collection of structures that formed part of the Sanderson’s Wallpaper Factory. The original single storey works were built in 1882-83. In 1893 a five storey factory was constructed and later, in 1902, the factory buildings were extended by CFA Voysey.

October 19, 2009