James Cracknell in Dramatic 'David Hasselhoff Style' Rescue

11-year-old son hailed a hero after grandfather and grandson saved from drowning


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The Cracknell family have been hailed as heroes after saving a family who had got into trouble on a North Devon beach.

The Chiswick based Olympic gold medallist rower and his broadcaster wife Beverley Turner were on the beach with their children on Saturday Night. Their 11-year-old son Croyde was surfing on his board when he heard a cry for help from 67-year-old Jim Greatorex who told him his 7-year-old son was in trouble.

James Cracknell and Beverley Turner

Croyde stood on his board and shouted back to the beach with the result, as Croyde told Stephen Nolan in a BBC Radio interview, his father leapt into the sea 'David Hasselhoff style' and went to prevent the boy drowning.

Croyde then went over to the grandfather, who by this time was also getting into difficulties, and gave him his board. After depositing the grandson on the beach, James Cracknell swam back to rescue Mr Greatorex.


According to Beverley Turner the rescued man said as he reached safety, 'that lad on that board saved my life. Bloody hell. It's the rower!'

The lifeguards were not on duty at the time. A helicopter was called to assist but was stood down when the crew was informed the incident was over. Everybody was reported to be fine after the drama.


June 17, 2015