Council Pledges Crack Down On Dukes Meadows BBQs

Enforcement to be stepped up due to complaints of litter after weekend parties

Council Pledges Crack Down On Dukes Meadows BBQs

A recent image of rubbish piled in Dukes Meadows


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Hounslow Council has promised to take action on the problem of weekend parties in Dukes Meadows which have led to several complaints about barbecues being held illegally and piles of rubbish left behind.

The Council said today that it is making a daily collection of rubbish in the area and installing more litter bins. Patrols by enforcement officers and council-funded police officers will be stepped up throughout the summer to stop barbecues being held.

Barbeques are not permitted at this or any other council-owned site.

Local people in Chiswick have complained about the state of the area near the bandstand. One said, "When I walked through this morning (Monday )there was a horrendous amount of 'litter' by the bandstand including two tressle tables on which were half empty bins of cooked food."

Another local resident reported food, bottles,some half full, toys, blankets, plastic cups,bbq fuel, all scattered around the bandstand.

In answer to queries from, Councillor Corinna Smart, cabinet member for leisure and parks, said: “Barbeques are not permitted in any park or open space in the borough, all of which are managed by Carillion on behalf of Hounslow Council.

“Dukes Meadow is one of our most popular parks but the well-loved site has become a hotspot for barbeques. There is signage there which prohibits this, and we will be erecting more of the same to reinforce the message further.

“Those having barbeques irresponsibly leave behind a lot of litter – it takes very little effort to bag up your rubbish and take it home with you. To tackle the excessive litter, this we have increased the frequency of rubbish collections at Dukes Meadow, which now take place every day of the week – sometimes twice a day during busy periods. Additional rubbish bins have also been put in place.

“Hounslow Council enforcement officers have been patrolling Dukes Meadow alongside council funded police officers. They have been asking anyone caught having a barbeque not to do so. We will also be writing to those who have been spoken to so there is absolutely no doubt that we do not permit barbeques at this or any other council-owned site. We will be continuing these patrols as the summer progresses to put a stop to barbeques taking place.

“Anyone wishing to hold an event at one of our parks should apply online at ”

June 7, 2016

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