Pedestrian Hit by High Speed Police Car

Gunnersbury accident raises concerns over 'confusing' traffic system


Sutton Court Road Collision Prompts Calls for Improved Safety

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An accident involving a pedestrian and a police car reportedly traveling at high speed has prompted calls for clearer traffic systems in the Gunnersbury area of the High Road.

The incident, which happened late afternoon on Sunday 15th April, left a local man with a broken leg after he was hit by a 5 Series BMW police car.

Although we are still waiting for official information from the police regarding the accident, local residents report seeing the police car “zooming” along the bus lane at around 50mph.

“We saw a man lying on the ground on the pavement and lots of blood with the police car in wasn't until I looked behind and saw that the car windscreen was smashed that I realised the that the police were not going to the accident but had actually caused it.”

Concerns about the new traffic systems, lights and junctions in that stretch of the High Road have also been raised. One local resident said “I have seen buses and cars using the bus lane as a go-kart track and people jumping the fences to avoid walking up to the lights. There seems to be genuine confusion among motorists at the business park lights as to what they are supposed to do. I never gave a thought to my safety with the old layout but now it’s a nightmare.”

Another added “Lots of traffic lights grouped close together, which operate on different phases, are extremely confusing for road users. The sensible approach would have combined the junction lights and pedestrian crossing, which I think was the original lay out.”

This is by no means a recent issue. An employee of a company based in Chiswick Business Park, raised his concerns regarding traffic crossing issues on Chiswick High Road with Transport for London back in June last year. In their response dated 24th July 2006 they stated "Transport for London (TfL) will be relocating these signals [Junction of Chiswick High Road & Chiswick Development (site ref 25/89)] in March 2007 to provide better visibility to the ahead movement of traffic. The relocation will occur together with a software change to improve their operation." has contacted TfL regarding this relocation and will publish their response in due course.

April 17, 2007