Local Police Retrieve Four Stolen Motorcycles

Bikes found in north Chiswick all returned to their grateful owners

Two bikes recovered from Southfield Recreation Ground


Police Make Two Arrests After Knife Point Robbery

Teen Stabbed Inside Chiswick Park Tube Station

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Police in Southfield ward have recovered a number of stolen motorcycles recently. It is thought likely that some of them may have been used in robberies in the area.

At the very beginning of the month a stolen moped and a motorbike were found by patrolling officers in Southfield Recreation Ground. Both were returned to their grateful owners.

On the 18 December PC’s Cole and Piatek recovered two more; one on Queen Anne’s Grove and one on Clovelly Road. The one on Clovelly Road was also on stolen plates.

The two officers had to push it back to Acton Police Station where bike and plates were both reunited with their rightful owners.

There has been an increase in moped enabled crime in Ealing borough recently as success in tackling this sort of crime closer to central London appears to have encouraged criminals try their look out west. Police say that they are employing specialist equipment and specially trained officers in an attempt to reduce this sort of crime.


January 4, 2019

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