Chiswick Police Chief Moves on

Inspector Ged Boyer ends two successful years at local station

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After two years at Chiswick, Inspector Ged Boyer is leaving to take on a new role managing the three custody suites across Hounslow Borough.

During his term in charge crime levels fell consistently with reported offences down by 3% in 2004 after a similar decline in 2003. He also introduced a range of initiatives to tackle burglary including a 'hot-spotting' analysis to predict where burglars might strike.

He said “I have thoroughly enjoyed my two-year term at Chiswick and I am very grateful for the support I have received from everyone I have worked with including the local community, councillors and the local authority. "

He added, “I am very pleased that each year I have been in post, Chiswick has experienced successive reductions in crime. This achievement has been the result of many different approaches towards tackling crime and anti-social behaviour, through increased pro-active work, adopting problem solving policing methods and by establishing strong and effective partnerships with other agencies."

Inspector Boyer was awarded an Assistant Commissioner Commendation for his actions following the Ladbroke Grove rail crash in 1999. He directed the injured to safety and arranged for the use of a nearby school as a casualty reception centre, keeping the children away from the crash site.

His successor will be Inspector Tim Smith who he says will be equally committed to the task.

April 22, 2005