CCTV Turned on in Turnham Green

New equipment to combat crime in underground station

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A groundbreaking new CCTV system has been turned on in Turnham Green as part of an ongoing campaign to combat crime in Chiswick.

The funding for this project had been put in place some time ago after lobbying by local Councillors but bureaucratic delays at Transport for London meant that implementation was severely delayed.

A total of six cameras, sited on London Underground property, will now focus on the area outside Turnham Green Station in Turnham Green Terrace. It is the first time London Underground has ever been involved in such a project that sites externally sourced cameras on one of their stations.

Research shows that underground stations often attract people intent on committing crime. It is hoped that the introduction of CCTV at Turnham Green Station will have a major impact on reducing crime in the area. Chiswick is the only remaining town centre in the borough which has not had a CCTV system installed.

Chiswick Police Sector Inspector, Ged Boyer, said, ""We're delighted to see the CCTV cameras being turned on in Turnham Green. This system will really benefit Chiswick residents as it will help us tackle crime, prosecute offenders and reduce fear of crime. It also sends out a very clear message - if you're thinking of committing a crime in Turnham Green, we'll be watching you."

The project has been funded by the Council's Community Safety Unit, the Chiswick Area Committee and the Brentford, Chiswick and Isleworth Crime Prevention Panel. It also has the full support of London Underground and the Metropolitan Police Authority.

April 29, 2005