Thames Road attack leaves man unconscious

Police seek assistance with identifying assailants

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A 41 year old man was left unconscious after being assaulted by two men.

The incident happened around 20.45 last Wednesday 7th September in Thames Road, Strand-on-the-Green.

The victim entered a shop just before the two suspects. These two male suspects, described by the shopkeeper as behaving in a rowdy manner, left the shop before the victim. After hearing a disturbance outside, the shopkeeper came out and found the victim lying on the pavement unconscious.

The victim was taken to hospital suffering from severe bruising to his left jaw and right temple.

There would appear to be slight confusion over the appearance of the suspects who have been described as both white although one may have been of mixed race.

CCTV footage taken at the shop is being investigated at present. Anyone who has any information about this incident should contact PC Ian Smith on 020 8274 6115.

September 14, 2005