Police issue seasonal home security warning

Rise in residential burglaries calls for greater home security measures

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The Police in Chiswick


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With the change from British Summer time the hours of darkness are from late afternoon, thus giving burglars more of what they want which is darkness providing more anonymity. 

Chiswick Police have identified an increasing trend of burglary in communal properties such as flats, particularly those in the High Road area.

Often Communal doors to the property have been left unlocked or ajar or do not have an effective lock. Also, when inside if they have time and are undisturbed burglars will often target more than one flat. If all residents in a block look out for each others property and challenge strangers who should not be there, the number of victims suffering a burglary will continue to fall.

As the Christmas period approaches and more people have presents in their home, which are still boxed and easily disposed of, the temptation to burglars to steal from more vulnerable properties is increased, therefore avoid having Christmas presents clearly on display.

Other suggestions for greater home security are:

ALL external doors and windows should be strong enough to deter or prevent a break in. Consider fitting laminated glass and British Standard locks.

ALWAYS fully close and lock all external doors and windows when nobody is at home. DO NOT leave ground floor windows open when you go to bed

BEWARE of bogus callers, check their ID and refuse them entry if at all concerned. Utilities workers will always carry ID and have a central telephone number to confirm it

TRY to make your home look occupied when you are out. Install timers for lamps and leave a radio on a talk station.

DO NOT close the curtains when you go away on holiday

GARDEN fences must be at least 1.8 metres high and in good condition. Consider the addition of a trellis top and grow unfriendly plants to deter climbing

CONSIDER the installation of exterior security lighting

PROPERTY mark and photograph your valuables. A UV pen or an etcher can be used on non antique property to mark the postcode and house number.
Antiques should be photographed on a white background next to a ruler to indicate scale

DO NOT leave any property on display in the hallway which can fished out through the letterbox. Consider installing a letterbox guard or box on the interior

ALARMS should preferably be monitored to ensure a Police response

The Police stress that this advice is not to put residents in fear of crime and of being a victim, it is a sound precaution to assist you to protect your property.

Any person with information regarding burglaries should call 020 8247 5940 or Crime Stoppers 0800 555 111. All calls will be treated with confidentially.





November 14, 2005