Calm Urged over Child Abduction Fears

Police have no record of any incident at Gunnersbury station

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The Police in Chiswick


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Chiswick Police are urging local parents not to be unduly concerned following the issue of a schools alert about a report of a case of child abduction.

At this stage the actual details of the incident remain unclear but it would appear that it has been incorrectly stated that any attempted abduction took place locally. A report was made of an attempted abduction of a three year old child. The alert issued to local schools did identify Gunnersbury station but police have had no reports of any such incident. The police haven't been able to speak directly to the woman who made the original report but a relative has informed them that she travelled from Gunnersbury with her granddaughter after visiting Chiswick

Inspector David Osborne of Chiswick Police said, "I am aware that there has been a warning from local schools regarding an attempted abduction of a 3 year old child at Gunnersbury Station on Monday. I am currently liaising with British Transport Police regarding a connected incident that apparently took place at Willesden Junction Railway Station. There no information connecting this incident to Chiswick Schools and at this stage there is no information available to me to suggest that there as any increased risk to children in Chiswick."

Thus far the police have been unable to find a report of this incident and British Transport Police have been unable to confirm if any arrests have been made. The police were unaware that an alert had been issued until they were informed by

Inspector Osborne added, "As always, the usual precautions should taken including not talking to strangers and reporting any suspicious behaviour to police, but there is no need to increase levels of vigilance at present."

A spokesperson for Hounslow Council told "We have had no knowledge of any specific threat to local children.  The Local Authority have processes in place to alert local schools and parents of any potential dangers we are aware of. In light of the concerns raised we will be reissuing them to schools. As always, parents are asked to make sure children know not to talk to strangers, but there is no need for extra vigilance at present."

December 14, 2005