Computers stolen from Chiswick home

Goods worth thousands taken from Bedford Park house

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The Police in Chiswick


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Thousands of pounds worth of computer equipment has been stolen from a home in Bedford Park. 

The burglary occured on Thursday 15th December 2005 between the hours of 18.00 and 20.30.

The victim, a 53 year old lady, returned home to discover her Addison Grove house had been ransacked.

Amongst items stolen is a silver figurine of the Nepalese goddess Tara which measure around 4” tall and is worth £300.  Two laptops worth about £4000 were also stolen.

It is believed that the unidentified suspects used a ladder to gain entry. 

Any information regarding this incident should be given to to PS Jon Cheeseman in the Burglary Squad on 020 8247 5940.

December 22, 2005