A4 underpass incidents put pedestrians on guard

Two recent incident raise concerns about safety of children

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A 15 year old boy was threatened before being robbed as he walked home via the A4 underpass near Harvard Hill.

The incident happened on Wednesday 1st March 2006 at 16.30 as the boy made his way home from school.

He was approached by a black male, aged around 20 years, 5’10”, wearing a blue jacket, white jumper, blue jeans, white trainers and with a skinhead haircut.

The suspect threatened the victim before searching his pockets and taking a Motorola phone and cash valued at around £120. The suspect then turned round and walked off towards Gunnersbury Station.

Any information regarding this incident would be welcomed by PC Ryan Sheridan in the Robbery squad on 020 8247 5940.

In an unrelated incident, parents and school children were recently subjected to a distressing experience in the A4 underpass near Dukes Avenue.

A cyclist, who had remained on his bicycle whilst using the underpass, became extremely abusive when asked to dismount.

The families, who were making their way to school, received a barrage of verbal abuse and threatening behaviour from the cyclist who refused to accept that he was not supposed to be cycling in an underpass.

One father was so appalled at what his young son had witnessed, he telephone Chiswick Police who promptly gave him an incident number and told him to call 999 should it happen again. The Police also intimated that they would patrol the underpass over the subsequent mornings.

March 10, 2006