O'Neill's Bouncer On Trial For Manslaughter of Chiswick Man

Kevin Griffith claims he punched Nicholas Padget after being called a 'jobsworth'

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The Police in Chiswick

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The trial of the pub bouncer accused of the manslaughter of Nick Padget began at the Old Bailey this week.

The court heard how Kevin Griffith, 30, punched Nicholas Padget, 27, in 'anger and frustration' after being called a 'jobsworth'.

Prosecuting, Sarah Whitehouse, said Mr Padget and school friends had been drinking at a pub in Chiswick before heading to Ealing on the evening of June 30.

By closing time at 1.00am Mr Padget was "wandering around the bar chatting to people," stated Miss Whitehouse, and, "couldn't really string together a sentence." "It does seem that Nick Padget wasn't behaving in a way that was violent or aggressive to anybody else in the pub," she added.

Griffith claims Mr Padget called him a 'jobsworth' and a 'w***er'. CCTV footage showed 6ft 2in Griffith asking Mr Padget to leave and then physically removing him in an armlock.

Griffith was not fully licensed as a doorman, but had just completed a Security Industry Authority course - now the legal prerequisite to being employed as a bouncer - and was doing his very first shift for SSI security at the pub when Mr Padget and his three friends came in.

One witness said Mr Padget had given the bouncer 'a cheeky slap'. Another described him ‘brushing’ Griffith's face with the palm of his hand.

The retaliation that ensued had tragic results - Mr Padget, from Heathfield Court in Chiswick, died in intensive care at Ealing Hospital on July 2nd last year.

Griffith denies one count of manslaughter.

The trial continues.

March 13, 2007