Fitness Instructor Sentenced To Life In Prison

After Chiswick date ends in Kate Beagley's brutal murder

The Police in Chiswick

A fitness trainer has been sentenced to at least 30 years in jail for murdering Kate Beagley on their first date.

The Old Bailey heard how Karl Taylor stabbed sales manager Kate Beagley 31 times after they had met for a drink in Chiswick.

Passing the life sentence, Judge Forrester said, "You are arrogant, manipulative and you are highly dangerous."

He continued "I am satisfied that this was a murder done for gain. You went to meet this girl equipped with a knife. She was doing no more than looking to you for friendship. You took advantage of the vulnerability of that girl for your own ends."

During the trial the court heard how, after having a drink together in Chiswick, Miss Beagley drove Taylor to Richmond Hill where they had another drink before walking to a bench overlooking the River Thames.

"That is where she met her death.” The prosecution told the court, “Blood was found on the bench and surrounding grass. Relying on what Taylor said to police, he claims they had an argument and he stabbed her in the neck. He then dragged or carried her body to the boot of her car."

Judge Forrester said, "Your use of the knife was premeditated and it was concealed on your person. Then having carried out this foul deed, you took away and callously concealed this body, adding to the distress of her family and friends."

Miss Beagley sustained 31 wounds to her face and neck, but Taylor denied the murder claiming that she had committed suicide by repeatedly stabbing herself.

The jury took two hours to find 27 year old Taylor guilty of murder.

Following the sentencing, Mr Beagley spoke of the ‘overwhelming’ impact his daughter’s loss has had on her family and friends. “I speak for all of us when I say our lives will never be the same again. Our family has been devastated and life seems empty and meaningless without Kate."

March 7, 2008