Fairground Worker Admits To Underage Sex

Philip Brown lured underage girl to his caravan in Chiswick


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Bright lights and loud music accompanied the fair when it came to Chiswick last June and or the vast majority, it was a time to have fun with friends. Unfortunately for one young girl (who will not be named because of her age) it ended in a court case in which she accused a fairground worker of rape.

26 year old Phillip Brown met the girl at the fair and invited her to stay with him in one of the caravans on site where he admitted they had sex.

His defence claimed that he believed her to be 17, however the prosecution alleged that he admitted to the girl’s mother in a telephone call that he knew she was just 14.

After pleading guilty to having unlawful sex he was sentenced to six months imprisonment and will be put on the sex offenders register where his name will remain for seven years. He was cleared of the charge of rape.

January 14, 2004