Teenager Arrested For Series of Knifepoint Robberies

Local youth appears before Feltham Magistrates in connection with Grove Park incidents

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The Police in Chiswick

Police have arrested a teenager in connection with a series of robberies that took place within eight days.

The incidents were linked by the description of the suspect, the location and method of robbery. In all cases, a black male suspect in his late teens threatened shop staff with a knife and demanded cash and other items.

A spokersperson for the Police said, "A local male was last night [8th October] charged with a number of knife point robberies which have occured over the last two weeks in the Chiswick area.

"The male had targeted local shops on Riverside Ward. He has been remanded to court and is appearing this morning [9th October] before Feltham Magistrates."

The first robbery occured on Wednesday 24th September at 21.00 hours at Vetry Convenience Store, on Fauconberg Road. The owner told police that a black male had entered the store at 9.30pm and began walking around the shop browsing. After a couple of minutes the suspect approached the counter, produced 6-inch kitchen knife with a black handle and demanded all the cash from the till.

The suspect then demanded that the cigarette shelf is cleared and the contents were to be put into a carrier bag and handed to him. The victim did as the suspect demanded. The suspect then left the store and walked after in the direction of Grove Park Terrace.

The second robbery was on Monday 29th September at 21.30 at ST Food and Wine on Thames Road.

The third robbery was on Wednesday 1st October at 20.00 hours at Davison’s Store again on Fauconberg Road.

Asking the community for help, DI Jeff Minns told ChiswickW4.com “These incidents are very disturbing and dangerous considering the violence used or threatened."

The suspect, who is now under arrest, is described as a black male, aged late teens, 5’8”, wearing grey hoodie with a stripe across the chest and Nike on the back, black trousers, white socks and black trainers.

The investigation is on-going and anybody with further information is asked to contact Brentford Crime Squad on 0208 247 5940.

October 9, 2008